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Building the Hybrid Workplace with 1010data

Working in a virtual workplace has many benefits, but it can also make it more difficult to build rapport with your colleagues.

1010data helps financial, retail, and consumer goods customers monitor shifts in consumer demand and market conditions and rapidly respond with highly-targeted strategies.

1010data operated as a semi-remote company prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, shifting to remote-only work in March of 2020. As the pandemic rounded a corner and vaccination numbers climbed, they made the decision to begin allowing employees to come back to the office, so long as they adhered to social distancing and capacity restriction guidelines.

Maria Alvarado, 1010’s facilities manager, spoke with us about their journey from a semi-remote to a remote-only to a hybrid workplace in the space of 18 months, clueing us in on some of the biggest benefits they’ve seen in that time.

Here are 3 reasons 1010data loves the hybrid work model.

Hybrid work provides true autonomy

1010data puts their people first and trusts them to do their best work without micro-management and without unnecessary company rules. That’s why when the option presented itself to be back in an office together, the executives at 1010 decided against mandatory in-office hours or schedules.

Instead, they fully adopted the hybrid workplace model, allowing employees to come in as they like or need, but without forcing them or passing around unwritten expectations. The 1010 leadership team understands there are benefits to working from home and working in the office, and is working hard to provide an environment where their people reap the rewards of each.

“The whole idea of ‘You have to be in the office to get work done’ just isn’t true. If you provide your people flexibility, they will rise to the challenge.”

Hybrid teams can prioritize productivity

If there’s one thing we have all learned during the pandemic, it’s that working from home can be surprisingly productive. When we put our heads down and get to work, without distractions from water cooler conversations or unannounced ‘pop-ins’ from colleagues, we get a lot done.

On the flipside, when you work from home sometimes the day never ends. You work and work without taking breaks for a snack or for lunch and without realizing what time it is.

By transitioning away from fully remote work and leaning into hybrid work, 1010 allowed for a change of scenery to inspire employees’ best work; and, at the same time, give people more flexibility with their work schedules.

“Everyone is able to focus on their core responsibilities without being bogged down by the logistics of coming into the office.”

Hybrid work helps put safety first

When circumstances allowed for people to get back in the office without significant health and safety risks, companies worldwide jumped on the hybrid workplace bandwagon as quickly as they could. While 1010 also employed a hybrid work model, they did so slowly and with their employees' safety top of mind.

By restricting office capacity, enforcing social distancing and masks, and requiring health questionnaires to access the office, 1010 is doing everything right to give people the option to safely return to the office.

“For us, it’s about safety first, so the fact that we haven’t told people, ‘You have to come back!’ is huge.”

1010 + Tactic: a match made in hybrid heaven

When 1010data allowed employees to return to the office on a limited basis, they started tracking each person’s office usage manually. As the facilities manager, that responsibility fell to Maria, who quickly understood that there had to be a smarter, more accurate tracking system out there. 1010 had used software in the past for guest visits or office space reservations, but Maria wasn’t sold on those platforms solutions for running their new hybrid workplace. She decided to research alternative solutions for managing office facilities, which is where she ran across Tactic, along with a handful of other competitors. She put together a spreadsheet listing pros, cons, features, and benefits of each potential solution and ultimately it was Tactic that came out on top.

“Everything we need was in one place,” she says. “COVID information, reservations, tracking, logging, desk and private office usage. Everything.”

When we pressed her further on what it was about Tactic that won her over, she mentioned the team’s enthusiasm for solving problems and always being willing to help their customers as two of the main drivers behind her (and the rest of the leaders at 1010) decision.

Tactic allows 1010data to more smoothly and efficiently run their hybrid office. All the information anybody on the team needs in one beautifully designed app.

Thinking about going hybrid? Tactic can help.

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