Proactive tools to minimize office health risks

Support a safe transition back into the office and provide your hybrid team with peace of mind

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A safer way to reopen the office

The Problem:

Your team is itching to start using the office again. But the post-covid workplace is facing many changes, so you may be asking yourself a few big questions including "How do we get everyone back safely?" or "What new policies should we put in place?" 

Our Solution:

Tactic provides a variety of tools for managing workplace risk. With the ability to limit office capacity, enforce health policies, automate health check-ins and more, your team can stay safe while working together.

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Flexible settings for evolving policies

The Problem:

You're trying to put a healthy & safety plan in place, but you're not quite sure how to handle different office locations. Between varying government mandates and the roller coaster of COVID outbreaks, you need to find a more comprehensive solution.

Our Solution:

Tactic makes it easy to create, manage and update your office health policy. Simply determine what criteria must be met to safely work from each office, based on vaccination status, rapid test result, and/or health screening results. Then collect, review and securely store employee health records, all from the desktop and mobile app.

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Stay ahead of possible risks

The Problem:

We all know how it felt to be caught off guard by a world-wide pandemic. Overnight, companies shut their office doors and went fully-remote, not quite sure of what the future held. And now, as everyone trickles back into the workplace, it's important to put some better safety precautions in place.

Our Solution:

Keep track of all office health and safety stats from one easy-to-navigate dashboard. Automated alerts for failed health questionnaires & positive COVID-19 test results will allow you to proactively address any issues. Get started today with solutions that will protect your team from tomorrow's unknowns.

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Protecting the heart of every company

Help employees feel better about working from the office by providing clear safety policies and proactive tools.

Automated health check-ins

Health risk alerts

Flexible policy management

Vaccine & test verification

Office & room capacity limits

Health admin roles

Simple contact tracing

Touchless NFC check-in

Office updates & announcements

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“The Tactic solution and the team behind it have been an instrumental part of our hybrid workplace, allowing our employees to return to office both safely and efficiently.”
Laura Supan
Laura S.
Vice President, Global HR
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