Interactive office maps to engage your hybrid team

Give your team a bird's eye view of who's sitting where and which spaces are available with a live seating map

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Unlock the secret to office collaboration

The Problem:

Despite a handful of virtual communication tools, many of us are still feeling isolated, longing for a lag-free connection. But half of the time we make a trip to the office, it looks like a ghost town, leaving us feeling like we wasted our gas money.

Our Solution:

Ditch the days of showing up to an empty office with an interactive map that displays who will be sitting where each day. This tool helps team members coordinate their hybrid schedules, supporting collaboration, relationships, and your chance of success.

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Discover your new favorite workspace

The Problem:

Humans are creatures of habit, sometimes to a fault. But a change of scenery can spark creativity, increasing morale and motivation. So, how can you help your team mix things up and overcome office auto-pilot?

Our Solution:

With Tactic's office map tool, team members can visualize all available workspaces, and choose the ones they'd like to try. Then book a desk or reserve a room with just a few clicks

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The office pulse at your fingertips

The Problem:

The hybrid model is meant for employees and managers alike. But, for those in charge of the workplace, it can be hard to sacrifice office visibility on the days you work from home.

Our Solution:

With real-time office activity, available across all devices, workplace managers can stay connected to the office, no matter where they may be working from.

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Fully customizable

Bring life back to the office

If you're feeling less than great about the engagement your office is getting, you're in the right place. We designed Tactic to help your team create a more positive and productive relationship with the office.

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“Team members who are looking to schedule collaboration in the office will benefit from a fantastic workflow that keeps them informed of when their teammates will also be at a desk.”
Brendan K
Brendan K.
VP of People
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