Visitor management for a lasting first impression

Create memorable guest experiences with a
digital visitor check-in and automated host notifications

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A delightfully simple check-in process

The Problem:

Visitors come to the office for a variety of reasons, but you want them to have an equally pleasant experience. Waiting for the receptionist to finish a phone call or trying to flag down an employee is not the way to do it.

Our Solution:

Using an iPad or tablet, your visitors will experience a quick and painless check-in process. This robust tool also provides guests with the ability to view and sign any required agreements or waivers. 

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Safeguards that feel like special touches

The Problem:

Visitor management is a critical part of a complete office safety plan. Without one, your company is taking on unnecessary risks. But how do you create a safer environment without making guests feel unwanted?

Our Solution:

With Tactic, you can set up a self-serve kiosk that provides a positive experience for visitors, while keeping your office safe. Take the check-in process one step further by connecting to a badge printer, making each guest feel more like a VIP.

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The waiting game
is cancelled

The Problem:

No one likes to be kept waiting, especially people on tight schedules. But how many times have you been stuck in a waiting room while some poor soul stopped what they were doing to go find the person you came to see? Not optimal.

Our Solution:

Minimize the amount of time your visitors are kept waiting by integrating with Slack for automated host notifications. Your guest will also be alerted to this notification so they can be confident you are aware of their arrival.


Upgrade the visitor experience

Whether you are expecting potential employees, current clients, or maintenance personnel, keep the visitor experience consistently awesome each and every time.

Automates visitor check-in

Keeps your office safe

Easy & simple set-up

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“Not only does Tactic offer a great solution to manage your workspace including a perfect visitor notification system and a health check process, they are also a fantastic team to work with!”
Cassidy G.
VP of People
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