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“Not only does Tactic offer a great solution to manage your workspace, including a perfect visitor notification system, they are also a fantastic team to work with!”
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Pre-register guests

Simplify your visitor management process by pre-registering guests in advance. This feature allows you to collect important details and streamline check-in, saving time for both visitors and your team.

Send invites

Visitor invites are a great way to improve communication. No more guessing games or anxious vibes – they’ll know exactly what to expect during their visit to your office.

View upcoming visits

With a quick glance, you’ll have all the details you need – from who’s dropping by and why they’re coming. This crystal-clear visibility helps you plan ahead like a pro, ensuring a better experience for everyone involved.

Get a customizable solution that checks all the boxes

  • Tailor the check-in flow to meet your needs, whether it’s collecting NDAs, liability releases, taking visitor photos, or printing badges.

  • Personalize the check-in flow to align with your brand and create a memorable first impression.

  • Rest easy knowing that all visitor logs are securely stored, keeping you in line with legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Integrate with Slack to recieve notifications when your visitors have checked in.

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Tactic five star rating

“Reserving seats and editing reservations are hassle-free. The overview in the dashboard is straightforward and quite easy to understand.”

Clariza M.
Senior Associate

Tactic five star rating

“It is making the booking process easier, as well as ensuring collaboration while selecting in-office days! Being able to view other booked coworkers is a really nice feature.”

Matthew S.
Product Experience Specialist

Tactic five star rating

“I like how innovative and helpful it is to organize the schedules and reservations of everyone inside the office! Not to mentioned how it’s user friendly its UI is!”

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Customer Concierge

Learn more about visitor management

Answers to common questions about visitor management and how Tactic can help you improve the office experience for your guests.

What is visitor management software?

Visitor management software is a modern digital solution designed to simplify the process of welcoming visitors and/or employees onto the premises of your business and managing their presence. This includes tasks such as visitor sign-in, registration, and check-in, as well as enhancing security measures for security purposes, providing access control, and elevating the overall visitor experience by replacing traditional manual sign-in sheets with streamlined digital methods. This innovative system, known as digital visitor management systems, is crucial for ensuring seamless workplace operations and compliance with legal regulations by capturing and storing relevant visitor information, such as name, photo ID, time of arrival/departure, purpose of visit, host’s details, and other relevant information, including visitor safety, in real time within the organization.

By integrating the visitor management system with communication platforms such as Slack, organizations can further optimize efficiency by receiving instant notifications whenever a visitor checks in. This feature not only enhances security protocols but also facilitates real-time communication among staff members regarding visitor arrivals.

The data collected through the visitor management system can be leveraged for analytics purposes, providing valuable insights into visitor patterns, peak visiting hours, and popular entry points. This information can inform strategic decision-making processes and help in optimizing resource allocation for better operational efficiency.

Investing in a comprehensive visitor management system not only improves security and regulatory compliance but also contributes to a more organized and professional environment for both visitors and employees alike.

How do I choose a visitor management system?

When choosing a visitor management solution for your office, it is essential to consider various factors to ensure you select the right fit. Ease of use, customization options, integration capabilities, scalability, and customer support all play a crucial role in making an informed decision.

Tactic’s visitor management system stands out with its intuitive interface that simplifies the booking process and promotes office collaboration by allowing employees to coordinate workdays efficiently. It offers easy access to coworkers’ schedules, fostering better communication within the workplace.

In addition to these benefits, Tactic’s system comes equipped with innovative features designed to organize schedules and reservations effectively. These features not only enhance the overall user experience but also contribute to increased efficiency, security, and a seamless visitor experience in the office environment. By prioritizing these aspects when selecting a visitor management solution, you can streamline operations and create a more productive workspace for your team, ultimately improving the overall employee experience.

What are the benefits of visitor management?

A visitor management system offers a plethora of benefits, including enhanced security measures and compliance adherence, that go beyond just simplifying check-in processes. One of the primary benefits of a visitor management system is being able to transition from manual check-in, registration, and access processes to a fully automated all-in-one system. This not only streamlines the visitor experience on the front-end, but also increases efficiency and creates smoother workflows on the business side. By automating the visitor registration process, organizations can ensure that only authorized individuals gain access to their premises, thus bolstering overall safety protocols and reaping the benefits of a great first impression with a visitor management system as the first step in ensuring top security challenges are addressed by security staff.

These systems contribute to boosting visitor satisfaction by providing a seamless and efficient check-in experience. Automatic notifications can be sent to hosts upon visitor arrival, streamlining communication and reducing wait times. Additionally, maintaining comprehensive visitor records allows for thorough review and evaluation of visitor data, enabling businesses to identify trends, track visitor patterns, and enhance operational efficiency with best practices in visitor management. With the ability to track past guests and prepare for their future visits, visitor management systems revolutionize the visitor experience and make return visits easy for repeat office visitors. These benefits are especially important in the reception area, where creating a warm and welcoming space is crucial for making a good first impression on clients, potential customers, and office visitors. By integrating with tools like Microsoft Outlook or Google calendar, preregistration and pre-appointment confirmations can be done quickly and seamlessly, further enhancing the visitor experience through email.

When selecting a visitor management system, it is essential to consider factors such as user-friendliness, adaptability to specific business needs, scalability for future growth, and the availability of reliable customer support. Tactic’s cutting-edge solution stands out due to its intuitive interface and advanced functionalities that enable seamless scheduling and reservation management.

By integrating a robust visitor management system like Tactic’s into their operations, organizations can significantly improve productivity levels, fortify security measures, and elevate the overall visitor experience. From streamlined daily operations to detailed analytics for compliance purposes, the advantages of implementing such a system are far-reaching and contribute to operational excellence in various industries.

What equipment do I need for visitor management?

To utilize Tactic’s visitor management tool, all you need is a tablet for digital check-in. A badge printer is optional but can add a professional touch to your visitor experience.

Implementing a robust visitor management system, such as Tactic’s tool, is imperative for organizations looking to optimize their check-in processes, bolster security measures, and deliver a hassle-free visitor experience. By leveraging this tool, businesses can simplify registration procedures, strengthen security protocols, and ensure a positive experience for visitors from the moment they arrive.

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