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Lillian K.
Lillian K.
Customer Development Coordinator
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"The biggest thing for me is insight into my co-workers schedules at the office and finding a desk around them."
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Powerful admin control for flexible desk management

With an array of admin settings to choose from, Tactic makes hot desking and hoteling as easy as a Sunday morning.

Capacity Limits

Specify the maximum number of employees allowed to book desks in each office, to maintain social distancing and optimize space utilization.

Desk Zones

Organize your hot desks by floors or designated zones making it easier to manage and allocate desks for different departments or teams within your organization.

Future Booking Limit

Help ensures that desk availability is fairly distributed among all employees by controlling how far in advance employees can book desks.
Admin adjusting desk booking settings

Check-In Required

Requiring check-in helps keep track of who is present in the office and which desks are in use, allowing for better management of workspace availability.

Needs Approval

Require approval for certain desk types or locations, giving you complete control over when and by whom they are booked.

Seating Assignments

Assign specific desks to employees, either permanently or temporarily, to accommodate employees with special needs or preferences.

A desk booking tool your whole team will love

From reserving your favorite seat to checking in and out, our simple workflow makes hot desking and hoteling a breeze.

View the office map layout

With the interactive office map, you can easily see which desks are available and where their colleagues are sitting. This makes it easier to find a desk that suits your needs and collaborate with your team members.

Book your preferred desk

With just a few clicks, you can reserve a workspace and a parking spot for one or multiple days in advance. This ensures you have a designated spot to work. If you have a change of mind, desk reservations can be easily edited or cancelled.

Check-in when you arrive

Make sure to check-in once you arrive at the office, signaling to your team members that you're in the office and available for collaboration. If you need to leave early, simply check-out, releasing the desk and making it available for your team members. 

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Tactic five star rating

“The ease with which you can reserve a desk for the day is huge! I also like the reminders to check in or release the space so that no desk is wasted.”

Davis W.
Senior Manager

Tactic five star rating
“I really like the map functionality, that enables you to have a comprehensive view of the office. You can see which one of your colleagues are in on a given day, which is nice to encourage socializing!”

Anne B.
Account Executive
Tactic five star rating
“Tactic helps me to know who is in the office and where I can find them. This is especially in a remote/hybrid environment when I may not know what my colleagues look like.”

Michelle S.
L&D Specialist

Learn more about desk booking

Answers to common questions about hot desking and how Tactic can help you implement it in your organization.

What is a hot desking software?

Hot desking software is a type of software that allows organizations to manage and optimize their shared workspace environments, including desk amenities and functionalities. Hot desking refers to the practice of multiple people using a single physical workspace or workstation, typically on a temporary or rotating basis. This flexible solution is often used in flexible office environments where employees may not have assigned desks or workstations, creating a dynamic and adaptable work environment. Another similar concept is desk hoteling, where employees book a desk in a workplace in advance for more than a day at a time. These team members don’t have permanently assigned seats but plan to use the same space for a longer period of time than traditional hot desking. With the added feature of desk amenities and functionalities, employees can now easily filter, find, and book the perfect desk with the tools and setup they need for the day through hot desk booking software.

How do I implement hot desking at my workplace?

To implement a successful hot desking strategy in a hybrid workplace, you need to design a clear hot desking policy that outlines the rules and expectations for employees, including social distancing guidelines. Once you have your policy in place, you should choose a hot desking software, such as Tactic’s desk booking system, that meets the needs of your organization, including tracking and analyzing desk availability data and enhancing user experience with interactive floor plans. Finally, to optimize your hot desking strategy, it’s important to track and analyze usage data to make informed decisions about workspace allocation and identify opportunities for improvement in workspace utilization. Hot desking, a popular trend in modern workplaces, offers flexibility and cost savings to organizations embracing hybrid work models. Tactic’s desk booking software, with its interactive floor plans, provides a seamless solution for managing shared workspaces efficiently. By implementing a clear hot desking policy and utilizing tools like Tactic’s desk booking system, companies can enhance collaboration, optimize space utilization, and adapt to the changing needs of their workforce effectively.

How does hot desking benefit a hybrid workplace?

Hot desking can provide significant benefits to a hybrid workplace by offering employees flexibility, cost savings, and collaboration opportunities. By allowing employees to choose where and how they work, hot desking can help support a hybrid workforce and accommodate remote work needs. It can also help reduce real estate costs by optimizing the use of office space and promote collaboration and networking among employees. Hot desking software plays a crucial role in managing shared workspaces efficiently with its key features. Implementing hot desking with Tactic can revolutionize your workplace dynamics, offering flexibility and cost savings while enhancing collaboration with the right people. With its intuitive features and seamless implementation, Tactic ensures a smooth transition to a hybrid workplace setup, elevating both employee experience and organizational productivity.

Why should I choose Tactic’s hot desking tool?

Tactic is the top choice for hybrid workplace management software, ranking consistently high on G2 for desk booking, space management, and hybrid enablement. Our intuitive features and user-friendly interface make work-life easier, while our fast implementation gets your team up and running quickly. With competitive pricing and flexible plans, Tactic provides all the tools you need to manage your hybrid workplace with analytics without exceeding your budget. Hot desking, a modern workplace trend, is transforming traditional office setups with its flexibility and efficiency. Tactic’s hot desking software offers organizations a seamless way to manage shared workspaces, optimizing resource utilization. With features like desk booking, room scheduling, room reservations, visitor management, conference rooms, workplace analytics, and an interactive office floor plan, Tactic simplifies workspace management for teams seeking agility and productivity. Experience the future of work with Tactic – where every desk reservation enhances your team’s potential with Google Workspace and Microsoft Outlook integration.

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