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How does Tactic work?

Optimizing your hybrid workplace is easy.
Simply follow the steps below.

1. Design your policy

Whether your team is 100% flexible or plans to designate specific office days, you can customize your hybrid workplace policy to fit your needs. With a clear plan in place, we’ll have your team soaring to new heights.

2. Manage your workplace

Tactic is the trusty sidekick you need to keep your workplace running smoothly. With hot desking, meeting room reservations, visitor management, and more – we’ve got all the tools you need to save the day.

Hot Desks | Room Booking | Visitor Management

3. Measure your results

Get the insights you need to measure office usage, gauge employee engagement, and make smarter space planning decisions. Our software lets you track occupancy rates, monitor which workspaces are being used, and spot any areas that are gathering dust.

Office Data & Analytics

4. Celebrate your progress

From employee achievements to team successes, Tactic provides features to foster a positive work culture. We encourage you to share updates and acknowledge accomplishments, to keep the momentum going strong in this hybrid work era.

Nitro Case Study | 1010data Case Study

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Need help getting started?

Whether you’re just starting with hybrid work or looking to optimize your current workflow, our team can help you figure out the best solutions for your organization.

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Supercharged Integrations

We’ve joined forces with your favorite workplace tools.

We know that your team has go-to tools that they just can’t live without. That’s why Tactic integrates with all the big players like Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Workspace, just to name a few. By integrating with the tools your team already loves, we make it easy to boost team adoption and productivity.

Five stars from happy customers

With hundreds of raving reviews, Tactic is the highest-rated software on G2 for desk booking, meeting room reservations, space management and hybrid enablement.

Tactic five star rating
Tactic is thinking about the hybrid workplace not as an afterthought, but the way it should be thought about.
Chris Kirby - Global Workplace Specialist
Chris K.
Global Workplace Specialist
Tactic five star rating
The Tactic solution and the team behind it have been an instrumental part of our hybrid workplace.
Laura S.
VP, Global HR
Tactic five star rating

From being able to view the office map to know exactly where users sit, it is extremely helpful.

Jordan G.
Account Executive, SMB EMEA
Tactic five star rating

Great solution in these changing times! Super easy, great implementation and very affordable.

Susan B.
Office Manager
Tactic five star rating

Tactic helps me to know who is in the office and where I can find them.

Michelle S.
Michelle S.
L&D Specialist
Tactic five star rating

Tactic allows us to find the times that work for everyone to meet in person again!

Lindsay K.
Client Success Specialist

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