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Bring your team together on their terms

With workspace reservations and transparent in-office schedules, your hybrid team will finally be able to answer the ever-looming question; "Who's going to be in the office today?"


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A new way of working we can all get behind

A worldwide demand for flexibility is on the rise. Employees are no longer interested in rigid, uncompromising office expectations. Instead they are actively seeking companies that understand the wide variety of benefits that hybrid work can provide.


of workers would prefer a hybrid work model over fully in-office or remote


of employees say they’d leave their current job for one that provides more flexibility


of executives want to move to hybrid but don't yet have a detailed plan in place

The most effective hybrid work plans champion flexibility while positioning the office as an invaluable tool for connection, collaboration and productivity. Explore the resources below to better understand how your company can create a thriving hybrid workplace.


A better approach to hybrid work

Hybrid can be a game changer, but if done wrong, you risk the chance of leaving your team feeling more disconnected than ever.

Tactic makes it easy to do hybrid right.

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Foster collaboration
& connection

Prioritize a frictionless office experience that will make it easier for your team to coordinate and optimize their time together. 


Support employee

Your people are the most important part of your business. Tactic supports a more healthy work-life balance so they can perform at their best


Visualize the
path forward

No one knows exactly what the future brings, but with a variety of available datasets, your team can make decisions more confidently than ever before


Introducing hybrid tools your whole team will love


Desk Booking

Give your team a better system for managing their hybrid schedule with a simple but powerful booking tool

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Room Reservations

Avoid awkward encounters and save wasted time by giving your team the ability to reserve meeting rooms

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Interactive Maps

Real-time maps give team members the ability to see who's in the office and which spaces are available

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Visitor Management

Make it easy for office visitors to check in while automating notifications to let their host know they arrived

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Office Insights

Access powerful visualizations and valuable data to better understand office usage and engagement

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Mobile App

Available on both iOS and Android devices, the Tactic app makes it easy to reserve a desk or room on-the-go

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Reviews that speak for themselves

Team members from all over the world are raving about the flexibility and simplicity that Tactic brings to their hybrid workplace.

Tactic is thinking about the hybrid workplace not as an afterthought, but the way it should be thought about. In a way, it's the most important piece to working in our offices.
Chris K
Global Workspace Specialist
The Tactic solution and the team behind it have been an instrumental part of our hybrid workplace, allowing our employees to return to office both safely and efficiently.
laura supan
Laura S
Vice President, Global HR
Tactic is 7/7. The mobile desk check in has been huge for us. It's been easy to reserve space for meetings and in office stand ups with tactic. Our sales team really loves the flexibility.
Derek O
Cofounder, Director of Operations
Great solution in these changing times! Super easy, great implementation and very affordable! A map made it very easy for staff to pick the exact space they wanted to reserve.
Susan B
Office Manager
Team members who are looking to schedule collaboration in the office will benefit from a fantastic workflow that keeps them informed of when their teammates will also be at a desk.
Brendan K
VP of People
Not only does Tactic offer a great solution to manage your workspace including a perfect visitor notification system and a health check process, they are also a fantastic team to work with!
Cassidy G
VP of People
We used 3 different systems to manage our conference rooms & visitors but with Tactic, we've now combined them all into one robust and easy-to-use system. This has allowed us to save a ton of money and make us more efficient & effective!
Sterling K
Director of Customer Success
The Tactic team is professional, provides amazing signature customer service at a great value! They have great follow through. They make my role easier and their platform provides a great service. The service and courtesy has not changed since day one. Thank you Tactic!
Maria A
HR & Facilities Manager
I have a goal to learn the name of every person in the company, so having this tool to help me know who is who based on where they are sitting helps me accomplish that goal. Also with an ever-changing work environment, having that clear layout is a gamechanger.
Greg R
Funding Manager

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