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Give your team a more flexible way to book a desk and collaborate in the office

Give them a better reason to come back

The Problem:

For many companies, getting employees back into the office has felt a lot like pulling teeth. (No offense to dentists.) But according to multiple studies, a majority of workers prefer a mix of remote and office days. So, where is the disconnect happening?

Our Solution:

It's simple. People find the most value in going to the office on the days their co-workers will be there. Tactic makes this possible with transparent team schedules, encouraging more face-to-face collaboration. Your employees will love the ability to see who's coming into the office and which desks are available to book. Our hot desking software simplifies planning.

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Flexibility doesn't have to feel chaotic

The Problem:

Hybrid work is amazing in theory, but without a powerful scheduling solution, the lack of structure tends to create confusion and a sense of overwhelm for both employees and managers.

Our Solution:

With our robust hot desking system, team members can plan their preferred hybrid work schedule at the beginning of each week, boosting productivity and providing everyone with more clarity. Plus, with the ability to favorite and follow co-workers, deciding when and where to book a desk will be easier than ever.

Choosing working location

The right place at the right time

The Problem:

In an effort to accommodate hybrid work, many workplaces have transformed into hip hang-outs with open seating and cozy nooks. But these well-intentioned changes can create an uncomfortable level of uncertainty, leaving your team unsure of what to expect or where they will sit.

Our Solution:

Make the office a more relaxed and predictable experience by providing the ability to reserve a desk before heading into the office. Tactic's streamlined hot desking system allows team members to choose a day, time slot, available workspace and even parking.

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A simple solution for flexible teams
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Hot desking with all the fixin's

Office schedules aren't the only things that are flexible. With Tactic's hot desk booking software, you will have access to a variety of settings to help you curate the best workplace experience for your team.

Assign employees to public or private teams & sub teams

Organize your desks by floors or designated zones

Customize the hours each desk is available

Let your employees choose where they would like to sit

Assign specific desks to individuals or entire teams

Require admin approval when booking certain desks

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“With remote work being the new thing, the office has been a thing of the past. However, for our team there are a lot of times we miss working together in the office. Tactic allows us to collaborate with employees and find the times that work for everyone to meet in person again!”
Lindsey K.
Client Success Specialist
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