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Gather office space utilization data to measure engagement and make informed decisions for the future

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Brendan K.
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"Team members who are looking to schedule collaboration in the office will benefit from a fantastic workflow that keeps them informed of when their teammates will also be at a desk."
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No more guessing games, just real numbers

Dive into the data to gain a deeper understanding of how and when your office spaces are being used.

View of desk, meeting room and visitor data

Desks & Workspaces

Pinpoint popular workspaces and underutilized areas in order to make informed decisions on a more efficient office layout and design.

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Meeting Rooms

Analyzing data on meeting room reservations and check-ins to identify peak usage times and ensure that teams have the necessary spaces for productive collaboration.

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Office Visitors

Visitor data provides insights into the number, frequency, and demographics of visitors to the office, assisting in compliance with regulatory requirements

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Get the inside scoop on behaviors & trends

With a deeper understanding of your team’s dynamics, you can identify areas for improvement, and foster a more engaged workforce.

Remote & Office days

Evaluate the effectiveness of your hybrid work policies, identify trends, and make informed decisions to optimize productivity and employee satisfaction.

Employee Leave

Monitor employee attendance and identify any patterns or trends related to absences, enabling you to address potential issues such as high absenteeism or burnout.

Analytics view of remote and vacation days

Access a range of actionable reports

From office utilization to employee activity, you’ll have everything you need to understand make data-driven decisions and optimize your workplace for success.

Explore the entire suite of tools to transform your hybrid workplace

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“Companies can gain insights into how their workspaces are being used, which can inform decisions about office layouts, real estate, and other resources.”

Tan Win S.
Business Intelligence Analyst

Tactic five star rating

“Tactic is absolutely fantastic. It eliminates any confusion or conflicts regarding seating arrangements and promotes a more organized work environment. ”

Beaver F.
Customer Concierge

Tactic five star rating

“Tactic is very user-friendly and has been really easy for everyone at our company to adopt. We also love the customer service and support we have received from the Tactic team!”

Lauren M.
Office Administrator

Learn more about office insights

Answers to common questions about office data and how Tactic can help you implement it in your organization.

What are office insights?

Office insights refer to valuable data and information for senior management gathered from analyzing various aspects of office operations, such as workspace utilization, meeting room usage, desk reservations, and employee activity. These insights provide modern office managers a deeper understanding of how the office space is used and help project management and optimize workplace efficiency.

What is the best way to utilize office space?

By analyzing workspace utilization, meeting room bookings, and employee activity, organizations can identify trends, peak usage times, and areas of improvement. This information enables effective space planning, optimizing the layout and design of the office, and allocating resources efficiently. Additionally, flexible workspace solutions like hot desking and meeting room booking systems further enhance space utilization and ensure that employees have the right environment for their work needs. Effective communication is a goal of corporate office managers. Tactic uses best practices to take the guesswork out of office management, especially for new employees. No matter the years of experience, Tactic makes office management easy.

How do office insights benefit a hybrid workplace?

Office insights play a crucial role for any successful office manager in a hybrid workplace by providing visibility to human resources and administrative staff into the utilization of physical spaces, office equipment, meeting rooms, and desks. By analyzing this data, organizations can optimize space allocation for company goals, identify underutilized areas, and ensure that employees have access to the resources they need, whether they are working remotely, video conferencing or in the office. Tactic is the obvious choice for virtual office management.

Why should I choose Tactic for space management?

Tactic provides a comprehensive suite of modern office management tools for business administration, including desk booking, meeting room reservations, office activities, and visitor management, all in one integrated platform. With Tactic, you can gain valuable insights into office utilization, make data-driven decisions for space optimization, office administration, and enhance productivity. The user-friendly interface, seamless integrations with popular calendar apps, and customizable features make Tactic a powerful and intuitive solution for managing office space for today’s office managers.

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