Revolutionize the visitor experience

Create memorable guest experiences with a digital visitor check-in and automated host notifications

Cassidy G.
Cassidy G.
VP of People
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"Not only does Tactic offer a great solution to manage your workspace, including a perfect visitor notification system, they are also a fantastic team to work with!"
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Organize office visits with ease

Stay one step ahead and effortlessly manage your office guests without missing a beat.

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Pre-register guests

Simplify your visitor management process by pre-registering guests in advance. This feature allows you to collect important details and streamline check-in, saving time for both visitors and your team.

Send invites

Visitor invites are a great way to improve communication. No more guessing games or anxious vibes – they'll know exactly what to expect during their visit to your office.

View upcoming visits

With a quick glance, you'll have all the details you need – from who's dropping by and why they're coming. This crystal-clear visibility helps you plan ahead like a pro, ensuring a better experience for everyone involved.

Get a customizable solution that checks all the boxes

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Tactic five star rating

“Reserving seats and editing reservations are hassle-free. The overview in the dashboard is straightforward and quite easy to understand.”

Clariza M.
Senior Associate

Tactic five star rating

“It is making the booking process easier, as well as ensuring collaboration while selecting in-office days! Being able to view other booked coworkers is a really nice feature.”

Matthew S.
Product Experience Specialist

Tactic five star rating

“I like how innovative and helpful it is to organize the schedules and reservations of everyone inside the office! Not to mentioned how it’s user friendly its UI is!”

Ron B.
Customer Concierge

Learn more about visitor management

Answers to common questions about visitor management and how Tactic can help you improve the office experience for your guests.

What is a visitor management system?

A visitor management system is a digital solution that simplifies the check-in process, enhances security, and improves the overall visitor experience. It replaces traditional pen-and-paper sign-in sheets with efficient digital check-in methods.

How do I choose a visitor management system?

When choosing a visitor management solution, consider factors such as ease of use, customization options, integration capabilities with your existing systems, scalability, and customer support. Tactic’s visitor management tool ticks all the boxes!

What are the benefits of visitor management?

A visitor management system offers numerous benefits, including streamlined check-in processes, enhanced security and compliance, improved visitor experience, automated notifications, and detailed visitor logs for record-keeping and analysis.

What equipment do I need for visitor management?

To utilize Tactic’s visitor management tool, all you need is a tablet for digital check-in. A badge printer is optional but can add a professional touch to your visitor experience. You can set up as many check-in stations as you need at no additional cost.

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