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Meeting room booking for more productive gatherings

Bring your team together without the awkward search for an available meeting space 

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Leave scrambles for breakfast time

The Problem:

It's a tale as old as time. You schedule a meeting, invite your team, and continue on with your day. But right before the meeting starts, you realize you need a room. Enter the classic meeting room scramble, sprinkled with frustration and topped with an unhealthy portion of wasted time.

Our Solution:

There's a better way. With Tactic's meeting room booking system, you can skip the scramble and start each office gathering in a more productive way. Our all-inclusive solution lets you schedule meetings, invite team members and book the perfect room.

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Make your job easier, not harder

The Problem:

Introducing new tools to your team can be a challenge. With all of the new workplace technologies being added to the stack, many times without a clear plan, team members may be left feeling like they can't keep up.

Our Solution:

We know that the best way to support company-wide adoption is to meet people where they're at. That's why we created seamless integrations with your favorite tools for scheduling & hosting meetings.

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Built with your hybrid team in mind

The Problem:

Over the past few years, hybrid meetings have become incredibly common. Unfortunately, most organizations don't have anything in place to track who will be attending in-person versus virtually. This can lead to unnecessary confusion and an insufferable slew of back and forth emails.

Our Solution:

It's time for a meeting room booking system specifically designed to meet the needs of a hybrid workplace. With Tactic, your team members will be able to specify whether they will be remote or in-office for each meeting, making it much easier to plan accordingly.

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A simple solution for flexible teams
Learn how desk booking can help your hybrid workforce.
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Smart meeting room management your team will celebrate

Team up with Tactic to save your team from the irritating search for a meeting room and become the superhero of your workplace.
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Double-booking protection

Easily reserve an available room while scheduling a meeting

Room schedule displays

Provide a schedule of the day's meetings, displayed  at the door

Admin customization &

Require approval, limit capacity and adjust availability 

“Tactic is thinking about the hybrid workplace not as an afterthought, but the way it should be thought about. In a way, it's the most important piece to working in our offices.”
Chris Kirby, Nitro
Chris Kirby
Global Workspace Specialist

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