Tactic vs. Skedda

Tactic is the #1 rated workplace management solution, designed for you. We put together this no-nonsense comparison to help you choose wisely.


How Tactic stacks up against Skedda
A head-to-head comparison of basic plans.

Tactic Logo Full_Logo_Blue
G2 Satisfaction Score 99% 79%
Price Starting at $2.25/mo Starting at $99/mo
Pricing model Per resource Plan based
Users Unlimited Unlimited
Interactive Map Unlimited 1
Administrators Unlimited 3
White Labeling
Desk Booking
Room Booking
Visitor Management $99/mo $99/mo
Parking Spot Booking
Custom Resource Booking
Priority Booking
Automated Check-in
2 Way Sync
Directory Sync
Tablet Displays
Mobile Apps iOS + Android iOS + Android
Insanely Great Support

Compare Experiences

It’s all about the experience. The little things make a big difference. 80% of time is spent in the map. There’s a reason our customers have given us a 99% satisfaction score on G2.


Custom designed maps created by our eager team free of charge.


Upload whatever floor plan you have and build it yourself.

Best alternatives to Skedda
We're partial, but we thought we would lay out your options as we see them.

#1 Tactic

Tactic is the #1 rated hybrid workplace management platform for one simple reason–our customers love us. Used by customers like Microsoft, United Nations, and Grammarly Tactic makes a trip to the office a delight. With integrations to Google, Microsoft 365, Slack, and Zoom, our all-in-one solution is stitched elegantly into your daily workflow.

#2 Eden

Eden is a comprehensive SaaS platform built to help Workplace, People Operations, and IT teams work wonders. Eden offers user-friendly workplace experience tools designed with the employee experience and new world of work in mind. The product suite includes Desk Booking, Visitor Management, Internal Ticketing, Room Scheduling, and Deliveries.

#3 UnSpot

After the pandemic, many employees no longer need to work from the office 5 days a week, and companies no longer need to have a workplace assigned to only 1 person, allowing different people to sit at the same place on different days. Find the best workplace, with the right equipment, or find a colleague you want to sit with. Book a table or meeting room in one click.

#4 OfficeSpace

Connects seamlessly with your employee directory and other data sources, web-based access with SSO (single sign-on) support, highly configurable and can easily integrate with intranet applications, and Mobile Visual Directory allows you to find people on the go.

#5 Envoy

Envoy Suite is a combination of Envoy products that help buyers manage visitors, desks and meeting room bookings, and deliveries for an office setting. With the newly launched interactive workplace maps, employees can find and book available desks and rooms, see details when visitors arrive and mark packages from the mailroom as picked up in one view on the mobile app.

#6 Robin

With industry-leading desk and room booking software, alongside powerful analytics and visitor management, our platform empowers you to proactively address the evolving demands of tomorrow’s workplace. Since 2014, thousands of global organizations have trusted Robin for sustainable and scalable workplace optimization.

#7 Deskbird

Deskbird is the workplace management app that puts employees first. The platform provides a smooth and user-friendly experience, allowing users to easily check the office’s occupancy and adjust their schedule accordingly. With just 2 clicks, you can book a desk on a mobile, desktop, Slack or MS Teams app. That’s why employees love it!

#8 Kadence

Kadence is a full suite of easy-to-use hybrid working software designed to improve the coordination of people, space and time to help your teams work smarter. We are building the next-generation operating system for hybrid working, designed to unleash the potential of people, powering a more positive way of working.

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Why choose Tactic over Skedda

Discover what sets Tactic apart from other hybrid workplace solutions.

User Experience

There’s a reason why we have a 99% satisfaction score on G2–we’ve created a better user experience. Everything is just a click away on the dashboard or map. Our mobile experience is second to none. We’ve worked really hard to make Tactic feel simple.

Interactive Maps

Our maps are custom designed by our design team free of charge because we know 80% of your time will be spent interacting with the map. The experience needs to be as seamless and intuitive as possible. Just two clicks and your booked!


Only pay for what you need, nothing more. Because the value you get from Tactic is based primarily on a bookable resource, we think the right model for the customer is resource-based. We feel that user-based or plan-based pricing (like our competitors) is a clumsy move.

Built for you

Our competitors created their products at a different time for a different need. Some focused on visitor management, others on room reservation. All have converged. We launched Tactic in 2021 solely focused on creating an all-in-one solution for hybrid workplace management.


Your All-In-One Solution

With Tactic, you’ll have everything you need to manage your hybrid workplace in one place.

View of team schedules tool showing the weekly hybrid schedule for each team member

Hot Desking

Simplify desk booking for flexible and collaborative workspaces.
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Office Insights

Get real-time data on workspace utilization, occupancy and more.
Learn More ->

Visitor Management

Streamline the check-in process for visitors with a digital platform.
Learn More ->

Policy Management

Define, customize and implement hybrid work policies effortlessly.
Learn More ->

Leave Management

Manage employee time off requests and approvals with ease.
Learn More ->

Hear it straight from the source

Don’t just take our word for it! Discover why our customers are raving about the game-changing power of Tactic.

Tactic five star rating

“It’s a good product with a lot of functionality for handling large offices. Having a customized map, with all your office space well defined and handled by the system is amazing.”

Francisco R.

Tactic five star rating

“The maps are absolutely stunning, well made details and absolutely beautiful! I love how well this product links to Microsoft office 365, it makes it almost seamless!”

Josh J.
Desktop Support Technician

Tactic five star rating

“We used 3 different systems to manage our conference rooms & visitors but with Tactic, we’ve now combined them all into one robust and easy-to-use system in Tactic.”

Sterling K.
Head of Customer Success

Tactic five star rating

“The customer service on Tactic is amazing! Quick response times, multiple channels to connect through, and friendly service!”

Drew P.
Office Manager

Tactic five star rating

“We are returning to work for the first time in two years and it’s helpful for our facilities teams to know how many people are coming into the office each day.”

Davis W.
Senior Manager

Tactic five star rating

“Our company noticed increased productivity and encouraged better teamwork and communication, giving workers more freedom to focus on other responsibilities.”

Joshua C.
Customer Concierge

Tactic five star rating

“I love how easy it is to use Tactic daily. It helps with our daily station allocation and makes our work day easier to locate who is onsite.”

Flora Mae D.
Fleet Specialist

Tactic five star rating

“It helps us to manage our office space and know who will be there on a particular day. Useful for planning events and initiatives in the office as well.”

Karine C.
HR & Office Manager

Tactic five star rating

“My team is very hybrid! We are so much more productive when we know where everyone is and can plan how to manage our communication as a team.”

Emily A.
CEO & Co-Founder

Ready to revolutionize your hybrid workplace with Tactic?

Embrace the future of work with Tactic and unlock the full potential of your organization.